Batter Up! The Braves Player Pool

Will Palaszczuk
July 01, 2020 - 10:22 am

The Atlanta Braves report to Summer Camp (or Spring Training 2.0, whichever you prefer) on Wednesday, and the Batter Up! Podcast has you covered.

The guys went through the Braves' 56-player pool and dissected the options Atlanta chose to make up the group of players they will take to Truist Park & Coolray Field.

Joe Patrick said there weren't too many surprises, saying that the Braves wanted to meld enough Major League-ready starting pitchers to handle the four week period where rosters are expanded.

The proliferation of catchers initially shocked Caleb Johnson, but he understands that more catchers mean more opportunities to work out pitchers in both camps.

Will Palaszczuk said he expected more prospects on the roster, saying that other members of the Braves Minor League corps could have deserved a shot to train with Atlanta.

The Braves have not been as active on the free-agent market after Friday's lifting of the transaction freeze, and with Wednesday's cancellation of the Minor League Baseball season, there could be an appetite to get more seasoning.

To listen to the Batter Up! Podcast, click below: