Eskin: 'We don't consider Atlanta the enemy; the enemy's gotta be competitive'

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
September 06, 2018 - 11:30 am

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Howard Eskin from 94 WIP in Philadelphia and Fox 29 TV joined The Midday Show with Rick and Randy Mac Thursday to preview the Atlanta Falcons versus Philadelphia Eagles season opener. 

Eskin told Rick he is not behind enemy lines because they don’t consider the Falcons the enemy, but said Atlanta is a good team and Matt Ryan is a good quarterback. But Super Bowl champions since 2001 are 14-3 in opening games. Eskin mentioned that he spent time with Ryan about a month ago and the non-interception by Keanu Neal still haunts him.

Things got a little salty with Eskin when he ridiculed the Falcons in the red zone and called the stats of Julio Jones pathetic. They switched gears to QBs and said he knew Nick Foles was going to start the first game because Carson Wentz is the future so they need to be smart with his recovery and not bring him back too early.

They made a pivot and started comparing the media in Atlanta versus the media in Philly and Eskin joked that the media is much more aggressive in Philly than it is in Atlanta.

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