Bengals system reboot will show Sunday vs. the Falcons

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
September 27, 2018 - 12:23 pm

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We "Get to know the Enemy" with Dave Lapham, Bengals Radio Analys. They kick things off talking about AJ Green, who practiced yesterday and Dave expects him to be more involved in practice today and should play Sunday. vs. The Falcons. Dave gave praise to Geno Atkins for his recent competitative play and compared him to an Aaron Donald. Dave called Geno a steal in the fourth round for the Bengal’s after seeing what a dynamic player he has become.

They moved to the QB situation and Dave stuck up for Andy Dalton after Rick called him a choker. Dave’s example was the WR’s giving up on their routes and letting Dalton down on the field. John agreed with Dave and used Matt Ryan as an example of that happening to him during games last year. Dave said the Falcons should be ready because the Bengals have completely rebooted the system and you can see the results are starting to show. Finally, Dave talked about a possible shoot out this week between the Bengal’s and the Falcons based on how their offenses have been rolling this year, but complimented the freakishness play of the Falcons WR’s with Julio and Sanu. ​

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