Clayton: Kaleb McGary will start day one

Dukes & Bell
April 30, 2019 - 4:21 pm

NFL Insider and Host at 710 ESPN in Seattle John Clayton joined Carl Dukes and Mike Bell to recap the NFL Draft.

Clayton on if Clelin Ferrill was the first reach pick in the NFL Draft, “Yes. And Daniel Jones was the second one. It seems like the whole draft for the Raiders was Mike Mayock going to the College Championship game and falling in love with Clemson and Bama players.”

Clayton on Dave Gettleman’s draft picks for the Giants, “Dexter Lawrence was not the right pick at 17. I think he was going to be a good football player but I thought he was going elsewhere. I was able to confirm that the Broncos were not going to take a quarterback at number 10 overall. They were able to trade back and get Noah Fant. Dave Gettleman keeps making funny one liners but he passed up on Sam Darnold last year.”

Clayton on Kaleb McGary, “My problem was how much investment there was in the offensive line. You spent $11 Million in free agency and then spent your first two picks on offensive lineman. Chris Lindstrom is a beast. And you’ll love Kaleb McGary. He is as country as it gets and he is a terrific football player.”

Clayton continued, “I think McGary will be starting day one. He has to.”

Clayton on if Miami has found their quarterback in Josh Rosen, “I don’t think so. They still want to lose enough games that they will draft in the top of the draft. I think it’s still good value to take Josh Rosen.”

Clayton on the looming Tyreek Hill suspension, “I think it will be at least a year. I think they will consider cutting him.”