Clarkson: 'NFL has no business in Mexico City'

Playing games in Mexico is a huge danger to player's families and fans

Greg Clarkson
November 17, 2018 - 7:54 am
Todd Gurley

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The NFL has officially moved  the November 19 Monday Night Football game from Mexico City to Los Angeles because of the field conditions at Estadio Azteca folloing a music concert. One would think that with as much possible revenue that Mexico City stands to gain from  fans traveling to the game that they would have done a better job with making sure that the field was prepared. But that's not even the reason that Greg Clarkson believes that the NFL has no business playing down there; It's safety. People get kidnapped in Mexico more than any other city in the world, and Greg doesn't believe that any amount of security that the NFL can put on players and teams would be enough. Why not Canada? Or better yet, Hawaii???