Billick on defending Julio Jones: I wouldn't let him beat me

Dukes & Bell
October 09, 2018 - 3:56 pm

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NFL Network Analyst Brian Billick joined Dukes and Bell, and told the guys how Pittsburgh is a Jekyll and Hyde type team “The steelers are a funny team as any week they can look unstoppable and then other weeks they can’t get out of their own way and you caught them on the wrong day.”

 Coach talked about the Rams fast start and the relationship between Head Coach Sean McVay and Quarterback Jared Goff “They are as complete of a team as we’ve seen in a while, they’re very creative with what they do, very confident with how much further along he (Goff)  is in the offense compared to last year, and the relationship with he and McVay, the Rams and Kansas City are clearly a cut above everyone else.”

 When asked about what the Steelers did on defense to the Falcons Sunday, Billick said “There’s a number of different things you can do, and the Falcons did all of this by the way, but Pittsburgh does more zone blitzes, you have to communicate with your protection schemes with lineman, tight ends and backs, receivers with how they break off their routes so there is a lot that goes into it.”

 Billick talked about how he would defend Julio Jones from a Coach’s standpoint “He’s such a dynamic player, but the guys on the other side of the field get paid too, If I’m the other coach I tell my DC I don’t want Julio Jones to beat us, no matter if we lose 50-0, teams are going to make sure Julio doesn’t beat them.”