Trotter: Junior Seau was a special guy

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
April 19, 2019 - 10:41 am

NFL Network Writer and Analyst and the author of two books on Junior Seau. Jim Trotter, joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas to talk about the new ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on Junior Seau.

Trotter on how Junior Seau’s father affected his life, “You have you to understand the Samoan culture. Within their culture, a lot of fathers are that way. There was also a need to honor the family’s name and any embarrassment could disrespect the family’s name. Junior did everything he could to please his father. I’ll never forget the quote his sister told me, why are you so hard on yourself you played great? He responded I have to be better than me.”

Trotter on if people were in denial on what he was going through, “A lot of people didn’t know. Junior partied hard and I wasn’t a partier. The last time I saw him he was at one of his charity events after he had drove his car off the road. It wasn’t until I started writing the book that I realized everything I went through. He was such a special dude. He lit up the room and always made you feel special. He is the last guy you would ever expect to do anything like this. I remember the first time he met my wife, he didn’t shake her hand he gave her a big hug. He has an ability to make everyone feel special. I can honestly say I miss the dude all the time. He was special.”

Trotter on if Junior Seau was the wake up for the NFL, “People knew the other players who died but Junior was a superstar. When you have a guy like him with his track record take his own life, there is no question that that was a wakeup call.”

Trotter continued, “You can’t draw a straight line between CTE and Junior taking his life. What I do know that by the end of his life he was very reckless and he was doing stuff that I didn’t recognize. There were some addictive and aggressive behaviors at the end. He was gambling heavy at the end. At the end of his life he was broke.”