Is Colin Kaepernick's Private Workout a Hoax?

NFL schedules Colin Kaepernick a private workout in Atlanta

Duane Walker
November 14, 2019 - 1:56 am

It's nothing new when free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick makes headlines, but not for previous claims that the NFL and its teams colluded to keep him from playing. This time it's an invitation to take part in a private workout organized by the league.

Duane Walker is asking the same questions many fans want the answers to: “How can a guy, all he tried to do, [is> do the right thing and stand up for social justice issue, and he becomes the scapegoat, the victim. Obviously, blackballed from the league for the past three seasons. What’s the motive?”  

Not only has Duane expressed his concerns for the NFL’s motives, but also sources say several high-level NFL executives were caught off guard and confused by the purpose of the NFL scheduling the workout.

Kaepernick has agreed to the workout, which will be held this Saturday in Atlanta. Kaepernick's camp will be given a list of attendees. Multiple teams have confirmed they will attend the workout one being the Atlanta Falcons.

Duane feels like it’s disingenuous.

“If a team wants him just bring him in,” Walker said.

Is the league motivated by the triple-threat, African American quarterbacks currently in the league such as Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, and DeShaun Watson? Or is it the recent reports that minority hiring is falling off the charts

“What is triggering this want to give Kaepernick an opportunity? What dollars are being made,” asked Duane.