Green on Acuna: Completely different hitter since move to leadoff

Dukes & Bell
August 14, 2018 - 5:02 pm

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Braves Analyst Nick Green joined Dukes and Bell and talked about the emergence of young phenom Ronald Acuna Jr. “Last year when I saw him at Triple-A I thought he was the best prospect I’ve ever seen in person, I was skeptical when they moved him to lead-off and he’s been a completely different hitter since the move, his power numbers are incredible.”

 Mike asked Nick if he was worried about Ozzie Albies at the plate against lefties, Green said “No, not against lefties, hitting from the left-side of the plate has always been a concern for him, but there was a time there when he was hitting over .350 against right handed pitchers. He’s legit, and with Acuna at 1 and him at 2 it’s probably one of the top 1-2 combo’s in the league.”

 When asked about Freddie Freeman being an MVP candidate, Nick told them “I think Freddie likes to blend in, he’s obviously the superstar on this team but it’s nice to have others pick up the slack. Freddie has been outstanding, he’s going to hit around 25 homers, over 100 RBI and still has an OBP around .400.”