Nick Green on Acuna return: Him in the middle of the order is important

Dukes & Bell
June 29, 2018 - 3:36 pm

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Nick Green joined Dukes and Bell to talk about, the guys asked Nick right out of the gate if the Braves will make a move before the deadline, “I think they will definitely do something maybe in the bullpen, I think the offense is good, they could get a starting pitcher.”

    Nick summed up his thoughts on the pitching staff as a whole for the guys, “I still think the starting staff has what it takes, Folty has to give you more than 5, Julio has to get better, inconsistency with the staff. The bullpen has been overworked, I still like the arms they have out there, I still like Winkler, Carle, just think they are a body or two short out there.”

     When asked about what to expect from Ronald Acuna with his return from the DL, Nick told the guys “Putting him in the middle of the order is important, I don’t want to see him at the top of the order but Ender and Ozzie have to be healthy. He’s going to bring energy and excitement, he started out really hot and struggled in the middle, I hope you can take the pressure off of him though by putting him in the middle of the order.”