No risk in Hageman signing

Dukes & Bell
April 19, 2019 - 5:24 pm

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The Falcons have resigned Defensive Tackle Ra'Shede Hageman as the former 2nd round pick who hasn’t played in two years will serve a two year ban to start the season.

 Carl said Hageman has to play extremely well to make the 2019 roster.

“He signed a one year contract, he now faces a two game ban at the start of the season." Dukes said "That obviously wasn’t important to Dan Quinn, he’s 28 years old, if he comes in and plays well for us we’re adding depth. If he doesn’t he won’t be here, it’s that simple.

Mike talked about there being no risk in the signing.

 “ You’re risking nothing here." Bell said "Remember when we interviewed him at the Super Bowl, things we’re looking great and then everything unraveled.”