Clarkson: Why OSU should be in playoff

Ohio State should be in CFB playoff hands down

Beau Johnson
December 02, 2018 - 7:32 am

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With The University of Georgia's loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship the College Football Playoff picture is starting to shape up, or is it? We know that Alabama and Clemson are in, but what of the other two spots? Most think that Notre Dame is definitely in so that leaves the four seed for on of the two of Ohio State and Oklahoma. Greg Clarkson believes that the "eye test" isn't necessarily what the final spot should be graded on, but what has actually happened during the regular season. Ohio State has beaten more ranked opponents and their defense has given up less points. Couple that with the fact that the committee really wants the most copelling TV show, it's Ohio State hands down. Sam Crenshaw doesn't necessarily feel the same way...