Goff: "At OSU, the program is bigger than everything"

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
August 23, 2018 - 11:09 am

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John Michaels and Jason Goff reacted to Urban Meyer’s 3 game suspension and debated if the punishments fit the crime. Jason thinks Urban Meyer should have been fired because he failed to report the Zach Smith situation. If Zach was fired due to his actions then Urban Meyer and the AD should have been fired as well.

Jason referenced that Urban Meyer cited Earl Bruce as his mentor and that’s why he gave his grandson Zach Smith more lead way. Jason stated this decision is all about football and has nothing to do with morality.  John clarified why he believes Urban Meyer didn’t apologize to Courtney Smith because if he had they could use it against him in the civil trial that is still to come.

John compared the players being suspended for selling jerseys, shoes and other football items but an coach that doesn’t report domestic violence and he gets to keep his job. We heard from Urban Meyer saying he is ultimately responsible for the situation and he apologized to Buckeye Nation and he should have done more when it came to Zach Smith. Jason told John that if Urban hadn’t lied on Big 10 media day none of this would have ever happened. ​

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