1 Thing Dan Quinn has Focused on Improving this Offseason

Dukes & Bell
June 15, 2020 - 4:34 pm

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn joined Dukes & Bell to talk about being a part of the protests, the virtual offseason, and what’s the one thing Coach focused on improving at this offseason?

Quinn talked about the entire team, including coaches, focusing on one thing to improve on this offseason.

“I did, the just one thing," said Quinn. "I know it’s, well like is that it, that all you’re doing? But if you’re really digging into something and finding is this part of my game, it’s got to be something that’s specific, got to have a way to measure it, you got to have a way to make sure it’s relatable to the things you’re doing and then how long it’s going to take, what setbacks you’re going to have along the way.” 

DQ told the guys what one thing he focused on.

“For me that was about delegating, the old term of superpowers and kryptonite. To make sure that every single guy on the staff we are going to feature them in the very same way,” Quinn said. “That was one of the things of my offseason and my delegation to the staff and how we can feature them in their very best ways.”