Mike Bell: An Open Letter to The Tallahassee Democrat

Mike Bell
September 17, 2019 - 11:28 pm

Here's an email I fired off to The Tallahassee Democrat regarding their op-ed piece about the present state of FSU Football.

Dear Editorial Board,

All the positivity in the world from Seminole Nation will not improve our present coaching situation. 

There are fundamental flaws to Coach Taggart's approach from game planning to team discipline to his pass-the-buck post-game comments.

I am a lifelong Seminoles fan living in Atlanta. I have been a booster for the last 10 years.

I work as a sports talk radio host in Atlanta (WZGC 92.9 the Game) and I lobbied (for what it's worth) for Coach Taggart to get the job on the air.

I was under the impression a charismatic African-American coach with a simple but effective offense would clean up in recruiting both in the state of Florida and around the country.

When a 2018 CBSSports.com article showed that many fellow college coaches thought Taggart was overrated, I thought it was simply jealousy with perhaps a touch of racism...    

But now I see what they meant. Smoke and mirrors. He was supposed to be a top recruiter. He is not.

He was supposed to be a great offensive coordinator. He gave up that job mid-season last year.

I did not purchase football season tickets this season. 

The noon starts stink. I hate to see local businesses suffer, but that's what happens when your team is bad. And why make the 4-plus hour trip to watch Coach Taggart's undisciplined, unprepared team choke away leads?

You cannot blame everything on Jimbo Fisher. Other coaches have inherited far less and done a lot more in their second year.

Unless we start buying Grayton Grant's lemonade by the gallon, things aren't going to change at Doak.

The best course of action for FSU fans is to destroy this village in order to save it. 

Mike Bell