Ovie Mughelli: "this team is Super Bowl caliber; frustrating to play like that"

Robb Tribble
September 08, 2018 - 6:29 pm

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Former Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli joins Robb Tribble and Stan Norfleet and chats about how disappointing Thursday night's loss was saying "we've got to win these close games, we've got to score in the red zone, we've got to get the ball to Julio Jones, this team is Super Bowl caliber and it's frustrating to watch them play like that." He also talks about running the ball more in the red zone, "when I played, running the ball was paramount, and we were always trying to make them fear us when we ran the ball."

Ovie Mughelli takes a look at the NFC South and disucsses if Cam Newton is set up to fail this season in Carolina, what to expect from the Saints, and the future for Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay, noting "for Jamies, the confidence can't turn into cockiness to the point where teammates aren't sure you're the guy to lead the team."

Ovie also touches on the helmet rule, who he thinks will reach the College Football Playoff, and what he's doing with his foundation. ​