10-Minute Tailgate Tour, Ep. 080: Stop Training So Hard For a Light Jog!

Mark Owens
July 03, 2018 - 11:48 am

Rob Hamilton - Entercom Atlanta


Mark is back with Episode 80 of the 10 Minute Tailgate Tour. This week we talk about Bama getting posh with its new recruiting facility while Oklahoma spends big bucks on the Softball Complex. Plus, while the SEC may be the most popular, one Big 12 Team has all the money and then some. This week we get a little "ranty" with fans not undersanding how crowd control works at a concert and why ZBB got Mark all up in his feelings. Finally, why the Peachtree Road Race while great for the city is very overrated. There is no need to train for 8 months to shuffle for 6 miles.