Pity's not on the field to play defense

If you get the goals and chances created, you are pleased

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 11, 2019 - 9:01 am

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It's been a wild week for Pity Martinez after rumors of a move back to South America came up and he had to be defended by various members of Atlanta United. He briefly silenced some of the discussion with a goal in the US Open Cup against St. Louis FC last night.

After the game some discourse continued becuase of some comments made by Frank de Boer and Pity's perceived lack of effort defensively, but Atlanta United Analyst Jason Longshore explains why you shouldn't get upset if Pity isn't playing defense because he's not expected to.

"This has been the ongoing conversation, that Pity Martinez doesn't play defense. Yes, he doesn't play defense, that's not his job. He wasn't brought here to do that. He was brought here to have moments of brilliance like he did last night," Longshore said. "It's an individual moment that there are very few players that can strike that ball, in that time, in that manner. Pity Martinez is an incredibly talented player, you're not asking him to do those things, you have other players who are going to do that defensive work for him. The flip side of that is Pity Martinez has to do what he did last night, score goals, create chances for others, assist on goals, to make it worth it for that to happen. The conversation that Pity Martinez doesn't work hard enough on defense isn't a surprise. He's never done that in his career, he's never been asked to, and he's been a successful player in his career. "