Please Stop playing the anthem

Divide and Conquer

Robb Tribble
June 03, 2018 - 6:28 pm

Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images


George Carlin once famously said the way to control the masses is through a divide and conquer mindset.

Robb thinks we should stop playing the anthem so we dont have yet another thing to argue about

The NFL has already made this a poltical issue well before the players were protesting .

The anthem has nothing to do with the military and yet the NFL has made it a poltical argument.

Robb doesnt think the anthem is a way to support the troops.

The same people who dislike the protest are being used by the powers that be to distract them from really being able to support the troops

This whole issue is a way for the goverment to control the NFL

You support the troops more by speaking to them and learning from them than standing for the anthem