NBA Free Agency: Which teams, player will make biggest splash?

Thomas Mott
June 26, 2019 - 3:23 am

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Thomas Mott believes that the NBA offseason is usually a lot more interesting than the NBA regular season, and there are a ton of big-name free agents. Where will they all land?  What will be the biggest surprise?  Thomas breaks it all down, ahead of free agency period.   

1) Kevin Durrant - Lots of mixed reports. Thomas believes he will leave and sign in New York for one of the two teams, probably the Knicks.  

2) Kawhi Leonard - He's not leaving Toronto.  Thomas is adamant that Kawhi will stay on a 2-3 year deal.

3) Klay Thompson - Will get a max extension and remain at Golden State.

4) Kyrie Irving - Has been in contact with KD and will go where KD goes.  Nets are full of hype and smoke.

5) Kemba Walker - Thomas doesn't think he will stay in Charlotte.  Why resign with a team that's not getting better.  Right now, Thomas likes him at the Lakers.

6) Jimmy Butler - Will likely be a Rocket.  This deal is already in the works and makes sense.

7) Kristaps Porziņģis - Will sign an extension with Dallas.

8) D'Angelo Russell - will meet with the Lakers and ends up staying with the Nets.

9) Tobias Harris - Will leave the 76ers.  Nets will once again miss out. 

10) DeMarcus Cousins - Wild Card.  NO CLUE.  Guessing:  Short term deal and resign with the Warriors.

NBA free agency begins this Sunday, June 30 and should prove to be full of excitement!