Pressure will be on Braves at trade deadline

Dukes & Bell
July 03, 2019 - 5:34 pm

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Atlanta Braves Legend Dale Murphy joined Dukes & Bell and discussed Braves-Phillies, Mike Soroka headed to the All-Star game and how Dallas Keuchel is different from the new wave of pitching.

Murphy said that Nola is always good against the Braves, but the pressure will be on Atlanta at the trade deadline.

“Nola has great stats against the Braves,” Murphy said. “To shut the Braves out in this years game is remarkable, but that’s one way to beat the Braves is to shut them out, that’s only the second time this year. The Braves bounce back, I’m not worried about them but there will be some pressure on the Braves to make some moves at the trade deadline.”

Dale said Keuchel is different than most pitchers in today’s game.

 “This is the kind of pitcher he is,” Murphy said. “He’s really a good changeup from the trend in baseball with the guys who throw so hard, good pitching is about control and movement, and Keuchel doesn’t have overpowering stuff but he has good control and movement.”

When asked about Mike Soroka getting named to his first all-star appearance.

 “Really happy for the kid, I think the starts will lineup where he can get some action in,” Murphy said. “I hope he gets in, I think back on the first time I made it and it’s a little overwhelming but this kid is so mature I don’t think things get to him.”