Folty's Velocity Issues Due To A Mental Block

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 31, 2020 - 9:17 am

Mike Foltynewicz has had a tough week. First he had a brutal first start of the season, then he was DFAd, he cleared waivers, and finally he was sent to Gwinnett.

Folty's biggest issue in his start was a significant drop in velocity. 

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There was concern coming into the season about Folty due to how Game 5 of the NLDS went and how he would recover mentally. Some of the questions that remain are was his drop in velocity a physical issue or a mental one.

Sports psychologist Dr. Jack Llewelyn, who famously worked with John Smoltz when he was scuffling early in his career, joined John and Hugh and spoke about some of the issues plaguing Folty right now.

"For Mike it's a mental issue," Llewelyn said. "He's trying too hard. His velocity is down because he's trying too hard. They haven't had anyone working with him on the mental side.

"Foltynewicz has so much talent. With a guy like that you want to get him to the point where he lets himself throw as opposed to making himself throw."

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