Put yourself in Zion's shoes

Dukes & Bell
February 21, 2019 - 5:39 pm

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Zion Williamson went down Wednesday night with a mild knee sprain which was the result of a blown out shoe. This has sparked the debate that Zion should shut it down for the season and get ready for the NBA draft.

Carl Dukes said that he does not believe this is an injury that puts Williamson’s career at risk, but he still would sit out the rest of the season.

“If your future could be in jeopardy, which I don’t think it is, this is a mild knee sprain,” said Dukes. “But if I’m Zion I’ve got too much at stake. I’m done.”

Mike Bell discussed the fact that Williamson isn’t going to be at Duke for any longer than this season, so it just makes sense to shut it down.

“You’ve got a finite amount of time; you’re not going to college for four years anyway,” Bell said. “The reality of the situation is he’s looking at $150 million in his first contract and his shoe deal. If I’m him I would shut it down.”