Quinn Compares LG Position Battle to 'Thunderdome,' Expects Great Competition

Dukes & Bell
May 12, 2020 - 4:08 pm

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn joined Dukes & Bell Tuesday to discuss how he is handling coaching players virtually, what the battle for left guard will play out, and what’s the latest on Keanu Neal and Takk McKinley?

Quinn talked about the battle for the left guard spot will play out in training camp.

“Yeah, Thunderdome, I like it," Quinn responded jokingly as an example of the intensity and scope of the position battle at legt guard. "We’re fully expecting great competition there. We’ve added some players in, we also know that Matt Gono is somebody we want to look at in that space.

"We’ll get some better feel for things once we get back on the field, but we do have a couple of people kind of looking at the space from guard to center, or guard and tackle. That is one spot that we’re definitely wanting to dig in on. We know that’s one area we wanted to address and certainly planning to have great competition at that spot. So the person that’s going to emerge there, that person will have really been tested. So it’ll be a good fight for them.”