2020 NFL Prospect Rankings: Top 25 Players in the Draft

Jordan Cohn
April 06, 2020 - 3:02 pm

The NFL Draft couldn't come any sooner. NFL and CFB fans alike are desperately awaiting the days in which there is some definite sports excitement in the form of the seven-round virtual draft that will take place from April 23-25. Though the event will not be the same splashy affair that was initially planned to take place in Las Vegas, the same level of hype and buzz will surround the event and signify an eventual return to the football field for the 2020-21 season.

The draft may be of even more importance this year, as it will finally give general sports fans something to consume in the present without resorting to old YouTube videos or ESPN replays. Instead, MLB fans who have been deprived of baseball may shift their focus over to the NFL Draft in order to have some sort of solace during this devastating time. NBA fans who were robbed of their season, and potentially of the entire playoffs, could look to the NFL Draft for a little bit of entertainment. Golf lovers who are usually able to sit back and enjoy the Masters in early April will now be able to devote their full attention to late April's biggest event.

Because of this, everyone should be well-informed on the biggest names heading into the draft. Who are the picks that could shake up the rest of the draft night? Who are the boom-or-bust prospects that could make or break a team's long-term outlook? Who's the very, very best in class in this deeply talented squad of promising players?

We're here to help answer all of those questions. Here are the top 25 players available in this year's draft. Just because they're ranked a certain way doesn't mean that's the order they will or are even likely to be taken in. Based on positional needs, certain stars may be reached for early, while some may drop down the board and become the ultimate steal for a lucky team.

All stats retrieved from Sports Reference and NFL.com.

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