The 4 Teams Teddy Bridgewater Is Most Likely to Play for in 2020

Tim Kelly
January 24, 2020 - 8:57 am

Teddy Bridgewater's career is at a crossroads.

Still just 27, Bridgewater will become a free agent after two seasons backing up Drew Brees with the New Orleans Saints. Like Bridgewater, Brees can become a free agent, or the 41-year-old could retire. In theory, Bridgewater could be in line to succeed Brees if he retires or the Saints go in another direction. After all, the Saints went 5-0 in the games that Bridgewater started in Brees' absence in 2019.

That said, there's a school of thought that Saints' head coach Sean Payton could be intrigued by the possibility of giving Taysom Hill the keys as the team's starting quarterback. Hill is an unrestricted free agent this offseason, so any team could offer Hill a contract that the Saints would have to match, or risk losing him. The expectation is that the Saints will put a first-round tender on Hill, meaning the Saints could re-coup a first-round pick if Hill signed with another team and the Saints elected not to match the contract.

Then again, Payton compared Hill to Hall of Famer Steve Young last summer. You wouldn't let Young walk for just a first-round pick, especially if the selection were later on in the first round.

So there are three paths forward for the Saints at quarterback; Brees could be the starting quarterback in 2020, Bridgewater could be the starting quarterback in 2020 or Hill could be the starting quarterback in 2020.

With the perplexing dynamic Bridgewater is faced with, here are the four most likely spots for him to land this offseason: