Committee will put 2 SEC schools in, but Bama won't be one of them

Things get shaken up if UGA can beat LSU

Beau Johnson
November 30, 2019 - 12:09 pm

UGA has one clear cut way to get in to the CFB Playoff: beat LSU in the SEC Championship; there's no way they get in with 2 losses.

So what happens to a one-loss LSU team if they find a way to lose? Would the CFB Playoff committee put two schools from the SEC in the final four?

The guys on College Football Gametime think that they would, and LSU is the only team that has probably has already punched their ticket, even with a loss in the SEC Championship.

But there's also another fact that they can agree on: there's no way that they let the University of Alabama squeak their way in. Again.