Andre Dawson: Astros Should Forfeit World Series Title

Dan Mennella
February 12, 2020 - 1:25 pm

Count Andre Dawson among the hard-liners against clemency for baseball's cheaters.

Appearing on the Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz on WQAM in Miami on Tuesday, Dawson said the Houston Astros should give up the World Series title they won in 2017, after it was later revealed they were illegally stealing signs with the aid of strategically placed cameras. While stealing signs has always been part of the game, Dawson explained, the Astros took it to another level:

“There has to be ramifications for the players involved. For sure, the World Series should have been forfeited.”

Dawson struck a similarly tough tone when asked about the fates of retired MLB greats linked to performance-enhancing drugs such as Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens. These players are failing to gain traction among the baseball writers who vote on the Hall, and could soon fall off the ballot. Dawson said they will be hard-pressed to find support among The Veterans Committee, the group of Hall of Famers that votes on retired players once they have fallen off the ballot:

“I firmly believe that if they’re not voted in by the writers, it’s going to be tough for them to get in by The [Veterans] Committee. Again, the consensus of all the different Hall of Famers who are living, is that they really, really took it to heart to break that rule. And they don’t really condone—they don’t support that. Because it was done for selfish reasons, mainly for a lot of monetary reasons. They were already destined for fame, but it cast a dark cloud at a critical time on the game itself. It just doesn’t sit well with the Hall of Famers.”

Dawson’s condemnations are notable on their face, but that he was apparently speaking on behalf of other Hall of Famers adds extra intrigue. Many have wondered whether The Veterans Committee would grant amnesty to suspected PED users after the writers have had their say, but to hear Dawson tell it, that seems unlikely.

Dawson joins the ranks of countless others in the game who are apparently furious at the revelations of Houston's cheating. MLB icon Hank Aaron called for guilty players to be banned for life, while Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger predicted Astros hitters could face retribution in the batter's box. Journeyman pitcher Mike Bolsinger, now playing in Japan, is suing the Astros after he was lit up by Houston batters in a brief relief appearance with the Blue Jays in August 2017. Bolsinger's suit claims the Astros' dugout signaled upcoming pitches to batters on 12 of the 29 pitches he threw during that appearance.

Dawson was an eight-time All-Star, NL Rookie of the Year, and NL MVP in parts of 21 seasons with the Expos, Cubs, Red Sox and Marlins. A long-running debate over his borderline Hall of Fame credentials was ended in 2010 when he was inducted after appearing on the ballot for nine years.