Cubs Star Takes Shot at Astros while Wearing Mic during Game

Dan Mennella
March 02, 2020 - 6:25 pm

Anthony Rizzo dropped the mic on the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal.

The Cubs first baseman joined the growing list of players to call out the Astros for their rampant cheating during the 2017 season, this time in a unique way.

Rizzo, wearing a microphone during Monday’s nationally televised spring training game against the Angels, made an obvious reference to the sign-stealing system infamously deployed by Houston three years ago. During a third-inning at-bat, the slugger worked the count to 2-2. The announcers asked him what pitch he expected to see next, and that’s when he chimed in with this gem:

“I’m doing some math in my head about where he is going to throw. Someone bang for me.”

That’s top-notch trolling.

It was merely the latest in a series of public denunciations for the Astros. Earlier in the day, former Houston pitcher Ken Giles said he was willing to return his 2017 World Series championship ring.