Mark Cuban Rips MLB Over Cheating Scandal, 'Thankful' He Wasn't Allowed to Buy Team

Josh Clark
February 18, 2020 - 1:14 pm

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is happy Major League Baseball and the league's owners didn't want his money nearly 10 years ago.

In the wake of the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal that rocked the sport, Cuban responded to ESPN's interview with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, blasting the league for its current path.

"Baseball is a mess right now and they have zero vision to see them out of it. I’m thankful they didn’t let me buy a team," Cuban said on Twitter Tuesday morning. 

Back in April of 2010, Cuban coincidentally paired up with now Astros owner Jim Crane in an attempt to buy the Texas Rangers at an auction. After several hours of courtroom bidding, the team was awarded to the ownership group which consisted of current owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, as well as Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan. 

Crane would later go on to purchase the Houston Astros in 2011. 

Dallas Morning News reporter Evan Grant followed up with Cuban about his connection with Crane, and asked the Mavericks' owner if it was fair for Cuban to criticize MLB when he was partnered up with the owner of the team who created the "mess" in the first place?

"First it was 10 years ago. Second, it was a bankruptcy auction that happened quickly. Third, baseball was in a different place and I really liked the idea of butting heads with Bud Selig. Fortunately, it didn't work out."

Cuban spoke with 105.3 The Fan last week about his failed bid and about the future of baseball

"Baseball has been poorly run. They haven't kept up with the times. They're all tradition and nothing has changed," Cuban said on Shan and RJ. "You look at the NBA, when I got in it was all tradition, and it cost me a lot of money, but me and others just banged on the sport to really become current. And to David Stern's credit to become global. You didn't see that with baseball. They wanted to keep me out. They didn't want me to be an owner. They don't want things to change.

"Put aside the Astros stuff, their new proposals from the commissioner about picking your own playoff opponent and stuff like that is just like, 'come on, man.'"

Cuban went on to say the best thing going for MLB is the future of gambling and if they don't get on board with it "then they're in trouble."

Listen to the full interview from last week below: