Mike Francesa: MLB Owners and Players 'Playing With Fire'

Mike's On
May 13, 2020 - 2:23 pm

Major League Baseball is working toward trying to start the 2020 season by July, but there are a few issues that stand in the way.

With owners reportedly wishing to split revenue 50-50, and players wanting their contracts honored, an economic dispute is evolving in addition to the public health risks and logistics that must be figured out.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa believes that no matter which side you look at it from, the fans are not going to tolerate a public labor dispute amid a pandemic that has resulted in the loss of lives and jobs.

“They are playing with fire here because they don’t realize there will be a whole lot of tolerance,” Francesa said on Tuesday. “Not with what’s going on in the world is there going to be a whole lot of tolerance with greedy owners, greedy players and whether or not they can get together and get a job done and basically get back onto the field.”

The owners have already agreed to a proposal for the 2020 season, and reportedly met with the MLB Players’ Association digitally on Tuesday.

Per multiple reports, those discussions did not include the topic of players earnings.

“You would hope that they would be in a situation where they would use some common sense and understand what’s going on in the world,” Francesa added. “We’re not going to have the gate receipts … which is about $4 billion a year … and that money is going to be gone. Owners can talk one thing, players can talk another. They can hit each other with catchphrases that annoy each other, they can tweak each other a little bit, but the public is not going to have a very long, or very patient approach when it comes to that.”

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