Francesa: Adam Silver, Players Have Right to Be Worried

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June 30, 2020 - 6:40 pm

July is supposed to be the month the major team sports return, but things are not looking great as coronavirus cases continue to spike.

Nets center DeAndre Jordan tested positive for COVID-19, as well as teammate Spencer Dinwiddie, and Jordan said he will opt out of the NBA restart in Orlando at the end of July.

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Meanwhile, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver raised concern in an interview with TIME that a large number of cases and spread within the NBA community could be cause to stop the season.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa echoed those concerns on Tuesday and questioned if the NBA, MLB and NHL will make it to its target dates.

“Silver is more tied into what’s going on in the world than any of the other [commissioners], by far,” Francesa said. “Now, he’s saying, ‘you know what, today we’re on track but I’m very worried about what’s going on.’

“And he should be worried. Then you hear from [Dr. Anthony] Fauci that we’re not there by any stretch of the imagination … we could see 100,000 cases a day. … That is an astronomical number.

In Major League Baseball, players report to camp on Wednesday but at least four players have publicly announced they will be skipping the season, following the footsteps of a handful of NBA players who are choosing to do the same.

“You’re seeing players start to peel off, slowly, and start to get worried,” Francesa said. “And they all have a right to be worried about their health and their family and what they bring home. If a player feels that way you have to understand that.”

Francesa said the next three to four weeks will be crucial for the leagues.

“Can we get there? … Can we get through next 3-4 weeks and still be on track to open?” he asked. “We all want it to happen. We all want to see sports again. … but everybody’s life has been changed. Everybody’s life has been put on hold. … As sports tries to make its way back here it’s been anything but easy. It’s been incredibly disruptive.”

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