The Richest MLB Owners, Ranked by Net Worth

Jordan Cohn
May 20, 2020 - 12:59 pm

One brief look at a list of MLB team valuations in 2020 makes you understand that baseball is a business, and a booming one at that. However, the business aspect of the game has been surrounded by a lot of pessimism and negativity lately.

Despite a reported rise in team valuations in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, finances have been a major problem area in making progress toward a resumption of baseball. Owners and players are tied up in negotiations that have caused players like Blake Snell and Bryce Harper to declare that they aren't happy with potential pay cuts. The players do have a lot to lose in addition to taking on a significant risk and potentially having to endure separation from family, but the owners also have a lot to lose if the season can't get underway. Patrick Rische, a sports management director, told ESPN that the league is losing around $75 million every day that the season is on hiatus, and a lot of that falls on the owners.

While each new player complaint brings to light their salaries before and after the potential pay cuts, what's talked about less frequently is how much the owners are worth. Today, we've compiled every MLB owner, ranked by their reported net worth from either Forbes or Celebrity Net Worth.

Reliable reports of net worth weren't available for all team owners, which is why Ken Kendrick (Diamondbacks), Charlie Monfort (Rockies), Bruce Sherman (Miami), Robert Nutting (Pirates) and William DeWitt (Cardinals) aren't on the list. In addition, the Braves and the Blue Jays are owned by corporations as opposed to individuals, and will not be included on the list.

This narrows our count down to 23 teams and their respective owners. We've divided them into tears to break it down further. Let's dive in.

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