The Unappreciated Mr. Hooper

Robb Tribble
January 25, 2020 - 5:37 pm
Austin Hooper

© Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports


Atlanta Falcons TE Austin Hooper is in Orlando enjoying his second Pro Bowl appearance. While at the Pro Bowl he spoke about his upcoming contract negotiations or lack thereof with the Falcons. He says that, “I did my part, ended up here at the Pro Bowl” & “he still has not received an offer from them {The Atlanta Falcons}.” The Falcons find themselves in a difficult situation. They have a two-time Pro Bowl TE to resign but they are strapped for cash.


Robb thinks that Austin Hooper feels unappreciated from the Falcons organization. Harper is surprised that Hooper was so candid than most players are about their contract situations with their respective organizations. Robb then takes the conversation to the two tight ends that are participating in the Super Bowl, Travis Kelce and George Kittle. Both players are better than Hooper but they are under paid for their production.


The Falcons have many decisions to make but not enough cap space to keep everybody. Do they keep Hooper? What about Campbell, the team’s leading tackler? His contract is up too. As Harper and Tribble say, “you’re going to pay your quarterback, your wide receiver and the guy that gets to the quarterback.” So where does that leave Austin Hooper?