Todd Gurley Signs One-Year Deal with Atlanta Falcons

Jordan Cohn
March 20, 2020 - 8:31 am

After Todd Gurley was surprisingly and abruptly released by the Los Angeles Rams, it was worth wondering whether or not the injury-prone running back was bound to find a new team with much luck.

The Atlanta Falcons didn’t keep us waiting long. Now, Gurley is coming home to Georgia, where he became a fan favorite due to three very successful years at UGA.

Friday morning, the team announced it was signing Gurley to a one-year deal with a splashy Twitter announcement, showing that they were going with some of their fans’ requests.

The initial report came from Jordan Schultz of ESPN.

Gurley, 25, will look to bounce back from a season in which he averaged a mere 3.8 yards per carry, significantly down from years prior in which he averaged 4.9 and 4.7 yards per carry. His touchdown numbers were still high, and he has now scored double-digit rushing touchdowns in three consecutive seasons.

This news comes recently after the Falcons officially decided to part ways with their long-time running back DeVonta Freeman. They hope Gurley will be an upgrade to the aging Freeman, as Gurley was the AP Offensive Player of the Year not too long ago (2017).

The Rams must have abandoned those hopes, sacrificing $20 million in their 2020 cap space in order to cut ties with the All-Pro running back. Apparently, this will be a little bit of a prove-it deal, as it only will last one year. For a 25-year-old running back, more security is usually the priority, but Gurley will look to prove he’s worth an extension.

Former defensive end Hugh Douglas was critical of such a move before it happened, questioning how much the team would be willing to pay and how much they'll get from him with "that degenerative, arthritic knee," a worry that must have crossed the minds of several potential suitors.

Money is another potential issue for the Falcons, as before the deal was made, they were just $2 million below the cap (via Spotrac).


The first reports of Gurley's new contract have been reported on Twitter.

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