Will Braves Pay the Price for Bryant

The Jon Chuckery Show
January 29, 2020 - 11:40 pm
Kris Bryant

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Kyle Glaser, national writer for Baseball America, joined The Jon Chuckery Show to talk about the soon approaching MLB season. Wednesday we found out that Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant lost his grievance with the Cubs. Losing this grievance ensures that Bryant will be under contract with the Cubs until 2021. 

Teams have been interested in making a trade for Bryant. "With Bryant losing this appeal, it now means he has two years until free agency, which means the cost of acquiring him has gone up," said Glaser. Now what would make Braves fans happy to hear. Glaser also says that the Braves have enough depth in the farm system with enough upside that could acquire Bryant. It is going to cost a lot. 

Glaser said that the Barves made a lot of moves during the offseason.  While the Dodges are at the top of the National League, he thinks the Braves "are firmly in the mix." He thinks adding Kris Bryant would give them a good deal of a boost, but they still had one of the best offseasons thus far to improve their team.