McKay: There is a rhythm to playing complimentary football

Dukes & Bell
November 14, 2019 - 6:22 pm

Atlanta Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay joined Dukes & Bell Thursday.

McKay explained the way teams are picked to play internationally.

“It all comes out of our Super Bowl bid," said McKay. "Typically you have to be asked and you can say yes or you can say no. If you’re gonna give up a home game, when it comes to a visiting game that’s different, you actually get told you’re going to play this year as a visitor. But as a home team you’re always going to be asked, except when they changed the rules about home teams volunteering if you decide you are going to bid for a Super Bowl, which we did so when we did at the time they told us under the new rules we would go to London or play internationally in ’19 or ’20 if need be.

"So they’ve called upon us to do it in ‘20, whether it will be in London or somewhere else internationally remains to be seen. I would [assume] because we play more games in London it will be London, but that remains to be seen.”

McKay said the Falcons played complimentary football on Sunday.

“I think that the consistency of which we played that game was something we had not done in a long time, maybe all year,” McKay said. “What you’re trying to do is play complimentary football. To hear that phrase, it’s a simple phrase it means the offense leads to the defense, the defense leads to the special teams, the special teams leads back to the offense there is a rhythm to it and it takes all those phases to go together.”

When asked about the Saints trolling the Falcons on the video board during the game Sunday.

“I saw it, and I saw the score that was below it at the time," said McKay. "So I liked that. I think the score was, I don’t know, 23-6 or something like that at the time they played it. I don’t think you should ever get tired of taking the high road. If you ever get tired of taking the high road then maybe you shouldn’t be driving. They had a halftime event a couple of years ago, they’ve done it more than once. If that’s what motivates them in their organization, fine for them. It had zero impact on us in the game, it has zero impact with us today.”