Rick and John Debate NFL.com's Ranking of Dan Quinn

The Midday Show
June 29, 2018 - 11:54 am

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NFL.com released a story ranking the top NFL Coaches going into the 2018 season. NFL has 1) Belichick 2) Payton 3) Carroll $) Tomlin and 5) Harbaugh. They agree to a touch and debate their own top 5 in the NFL:

John’s ranking is 1) Bill Belichick 2) Mike Tomlin 3) Pete Carroll 4) Sean Payton and 5) Mike McCarthy. Tricky Ricky has 1) Bill Belichick 2) Sean Payton 3) Mike Tomlin 4) Pete Carroll and 5) Mike McCarthy. Rick has Falcons Dan Quinn at 9th while John has him 7th.