Ridley: Leadership isn't issue on Falcons 

Dukes & Bell
November 06, 2019 - 6:33 pm

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Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley joined Dukes & Bell.

Ridley talked about the Saints defense.

“That defense is one of the best in the league.” Ridley said “Their front, their d-line is really good, every player on the defense flies to the ball, secondary is really good. They’re just playing really good as a group, like I said they get to the ball, everybody is really trying to get to that ball, they’re just playing great football, we have to try to come in there and try to slow them down a little bit.”

Calvin told the guys what his mindset is even after losses.

“You always come back re-energized.” Ridley said “Even after every loss, I come back and look at it like another opp. I look forward to it on Wednesday’s when we get the game plan and I see the routes I’m about to run, and what I got in the game and I’m ready, my mind is always ready, I’m always ready.”

When asked about the leadership on the Falcons.

“Definitely Julio Jones, Julio and Matt Ryan definitely are two of the biggest leaders in our locker room.” Ridley said “But you have all types of leaders on this team, Deion Jones is a very good leader and a lot of guys listen to him, Grady is a big leader on the team, I could name a bunch of guys, and there are guys who are not stars on the teams but are very good leaders. We have a lot of good leaders, we just have to put this thing together and get a win, it’s not really leadership or any of those things, we just have to play our best football week after week and we will be good.”