Ron Hunter: 'I'm Chasing Happiness, I'm Not Chasing Money'

Dukes & Bell
March 13, 2018 - 6:45 am
Ron Hunter

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To talk about this weekend’s NCAA Tournament, Georgia State basketball coach Ron Hunter joined Dukes & Bell on Monday.

Hunter broke down why he has been so sucessful at Georgia State, if he is interested in the UGA head coaching job, and what winning will mean for all mid-major schools.

“This team’s deeper, we can do it (win) several ways.  I’m sure R.J. would agree that this is a better team.  We will be ready to play that’s for sure," Hunter said about this year's squad versus the team his son catapukted into the tournament.

About the vacant Georgia job: “I’m going to say the same thing, it’s a beautiful day outside.  If I answer that question, it becomes a disruption for what we’re trying to do on Friday and that’s not fair to my players.  If your players believe in you, they will run through the wall for you.”  

Hunter on Georgia State's next game: “We’re playing a team that’s a very good team.  We are going to play hard, we’re one of the best defensive team’s in the country and that’s what we have to do.  These kids are going to play hard at 2 on Friday, you can believe that.”