Ronald Acuña Jr. fever is real

Are we witnessing birth of a super star?

Wendy Adams
August 14, 2018 - 8:07 am

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The Atlanta Braves' double-header sweep over the Miami Marlins on Monday that launched them back into first-place in the NL East. They outscored the Marlins 15-2 in two games, and are looking to go three-in-a-row in an evening matchup tonight. 

However, it's Ronald Acuña Jr. who everyone is talking about this morning. Acuña became on the fourth player in MLB history to hit a leadoff home run in each of the double-header games. 

John Fricke had some advice for Marlins Manager Don Mattingly prior to Tuesday's game:

"If I'm Don Mattingly tonight, I'm telling my pitcher, Trevor Richards, to wave four fingers when Ronald Acuña comes up to lead-off the bottom of the first. I'm going to walk-off the lead-off hitter for the other team."

In 66 games, Acuña has 17 home runs, six have come in the last seven games. Since moving to the lead-off spot, he's hit four lead-off home runs to start the game. John is giddy about the "birth of a baseball superstar:"

"What Ronald Acuña is going is unprecedented because he's going it from the lead-off spot."

Randy McMichael tells him to just enjoy what the young phenom is doing right now.

"Let's not put the statue up just yet, John. He's doing his thing; it's fun [to watch>."

Ronald Acuña Jr. fever is real

Ronald Acuña Jr. fever is real