Is Ronald Acuña Jr. a lock for NL Rookie of the Year?

Wendy Adams
August 15, 2018 - 8:59 am

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It's Ronald Acuña Jr. bonanza! 

The Atlanta Braves phenom became the youngest player in MLB history to homer in five-straight games after hitting his third consecutive lead-off home run Tuesday night.

Our own John Fricke could hardly contain himself as he gushed over the super star and what he's accomplished in his first 67 games in the big league. Yesterday, he even advised Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly to walk Acuña at the leadoff spot.

It was indeed the most anticipated lead off at-bat, and Acuña delivered. According to Stats Inc., he's the youngest player to ever to:

  • Homer twice in back-to-back games
  • Homer eight times in an eight game span
  • Homer six times in a five game span
  • Homer in five-straight games
  • Homer to lead off three-straight games
  • Hit five career lead off home runs

Do theses stats make Ronald Acuña Jr. a lock for the NL Rookie of the Year? The 20-year-old certainly has a case. (Washington Nationals OF Juan Soto, 19, has also been in consideration for the award).

John Fricke said there's no question "Ronnie Baseball," as the Braves referred to him on Twitter, is the favorite to win MLB NL Rookie of the Year. Fricke also believes "Acuña is the best player in baseball right now:

"When you're this good this fast, you have clearly established the possibility of becoming the best player in the game; that's like Mike Trout. That's what they said about Ken Griffey Jr."

Randy McMichael echoed those sentiments:

"A lot of people knew when Griffey came up, like Acuña, he's going to be a super star."