Russell Baxter: "High hopes for Falcons; Saints have question marks on defense

Robb Tribble
September 09, 2018 - 11:44 am

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NFL Columnist for Fansided Russell Baxter joins the show and talks about what he saw from the Falcons on Thursday night, giving credit to the Eagles for another excellent defensive performance, and which game sticks out to him today.

Russell tales a look at Eli Manning and the reception he may get with the Giants today and the 49ers and how they look against the Kirk-Cousin led Vikings.

Russell Baxter looks at the Panthers in the NFC South as they face Dallas today and says his keys are "can the Panthers block Demarcus Lawrence, and which version of Cam do we get.". He also previews the Saints and Bucs game declaring "New Orleans has their own question-marks on defense, wouldn't be surprised if this is a high scoring game on both sides," and looks at the ceiling for the Chargers this year and how important today's game against the Chiefs is for them, adding "given the Chiefs run defense, Melvin Gordon should have a field day today."