Ryan practices, but will he play Sunday?

Dukes & Bell
October 25, 2019 - 4:54 pm

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Atlanta Falcons radio analyst Dave Archer joined Dukes & Bell.

Archer talked about Russell Wilson.

 “Russ is not a guy who is looking to run too much.” Archer said “If you look at his numbers over his eight years in the league they have come down, he’s much more willing to stay in the pocket and he can hurt you in the pocket, he’s completing over 70 percent of his passes and is a legitimate MVP candidate.”

When asked if Matt Ryan should play on Sunday.

“I’ve got to see him move, they put him on the field today and he was limited in practice today, he went out there today with a helmet and pads and moved around.” Archer said “Now the next test is what does it feel like tomorrow, he had been rehabbing it and resting it, and today he stepped up the work load so now what does it feel like tomorrow that’s really going to be the tell-tell sign for him is what does it feel like tomorrow does he get more swelling, does it increase in stiffness and all of a sudden you’re back to where you were on Wednesday then yeah you’ve got to sit him. But if he feels pretty good tomorrow then you test it in pregame, and if it feels pretty good in pregame then you let him go, he’s your best opportunity to win, and you have to win football games, there’s no tomorrow now we’ve used all our mulligans now so he’s got to play if he can go. They will not put him out there if he can not protect himself and he can’t do the things they’re asking him to do in the bootleg game and play action.”