Ryans contract a fair representation of NFL market value

Rick and John
May 07, 2018 - 11:26 am

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Rick and John played clips of Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff from The Morning Show and reacted to what he had to say.

  • Clips included Dimitroff talking about the value of rookie minicamp for the new Falcons 
  • Their focus on special teams to set the tone and their faith in Coach Armstrong. . John mentioned the lost yards by the Falcons last year on special teams and why they signed the guys they did to bolster that play on the field. Rick called the special team picks by the Falcons as caulk picks.
  • Rick gleaned that the Falcons are open to playing young talent if they come to camp in shape and learn the system. John mentioned he would feel some kind of way if a rookie comes to camp out of shape and not prepared to work.
  • Dimitroff explaining how they came to the number for Matt Ryan’s contract and how they worked off the market value.

Rick and John agreed that Matt Ryan’s contract is fair based on the NFL market value for quarterbacks. Rick complimented Thomas Dimitroff for being so transparent on the contract and how Mr. Blank is a generous owner. ​