Crenshaw: 'LeBron has ruined the Slam Dunk Contest'

By not participating, has "The King" set a precedent?

Beau Johnson
February 16, 2019 - 7:47 am
John Collins, LeBron James

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LeBron James has never participated in a NBA slam dunk contest, and that is where the problem lies, at least according to Sam Crenshaw.

It's no secret that the NBA slam dunk contest has had it's troubles getting the premier names of the NBA to participate in the slam dunk contest. The days of Jordan vs Wilkins, or Vince Carter plunging his whole arm in to the hoop weren't that long ago, but the slam dunk contest seems to have lost it's luster in the last twenty years...

Enter LeBron James. The self-proclaimed "Greatest Of All Time" has never participated in the slam dunk contest because he was afraid what it would do to his "brand". Wait, WHAT? The "KING" is afraid to lose at an exhibition? The answer is yes. And because of this, it seems that a lot of the premier or veteran players in the league are giving way to one and two year players to participate in the contest. Not to sell any of those guys short, there have been some great slam dunk contests of late. But without the star power the yearly exhibition is hurting for ratings, which makes television networks hurt for money. Money, afterall, is what it all comes down to and that's something that LeBron's "brand" isn't hurting for, it's too bad he doesn't feel like helping the "brand" of the league that helped him build build his.

Sam Crenshaw and Greg Clarkson debate this subject, as Greg doesn't feel the sam way that Sam and I do.