'NLCS for the Braves'

But what are they willing to give up to get there?

Beau Johnson
July 04, 2019 - 7:44 am
Ronald Acuna Jr

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


The 2019 Atlanta Braves to the NLCS? Sure, why not?

But why not the World Series? It's certainly possible, but there's a team out west dressed in blue that may say otherwise. 

I honestly believe that the Braves have a much better team offensively than the Dodgers, but there's one HUGE disparity between the two teams that could probably be the difference-maker: pitching, all of it.

The Dodgers have 3 of the top fifteen starting pitchers in the National League: one is a 3-time Cy Young winner, one is the leading candidate for the Cy Young this year, and the other is one of the best young pitchers in the game. I'm not saying that they're unbeatable, but a best of seven doesn't look too good. Then on the back-end, one of the handfull of truly dominate closers in the game. 

So what do the Braves need to be able to compete with them? They're reallyt only a piece or two away; but how much should they be willing to give? 

Should they oush in all of the chips on winning a World Series this year? Or should they be conservative,and use what they've built in to the system?

John Fricke and Sam Crenshaw discuss this, and make some striking comparisons between phenom Ronald Acuna Jr. and another great Braves center fielder...