Sanu: 'We're gonna go draft someone to come help us out'

Dukes & Bell
April 17, 2018 - 2:53 pm
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu

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FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Dukes & Bell were at Falcons HQ on Tuesday as some of the players were working out. Atlanta receiver Mohamed Sanu sat with Dukes & Bell to go over a number of topics.

The conversation landed on former Falcons reciver Taylor Gabrile, who left for Chicago in free agency. Sanu said he was sure Gabriel would flourish in Chicago and that the Falcons would miss him. He did say the teal loved their guys "in th ebuilding" and offered some insight into a future move.

"We're gonna go draft someone to come help us out," Sanu told Dukes & Bell. "I'm excited to see what this year's receiving corps will look like."

It's not a new idea that the Falcons would benefit from drafting another receiver. But this is the first time anyone inside the building has said as much.

Now, Sanu is still the Falcons' No. 2 receiver. As far as anyone knows he's not an assitant to Thomas Dimitroff. So there's no telling if Sau was talking off anything he'd heard or just a notion from his own mind. But it's easy to imagine (especially the way Sanu made the statement) how the notion that Atlanta would draft a reciever was told to him. As with most pre-draft speculation, we're just spit-ballin' here.

There was also no mention of where in the draft Atlanta might target a pass-catcher.

Other news Sanu spoke to Dukes & Bell about:

  • How he's let his body recover over the offseason.
  • Why so many drops happened last season.
  • How the Falcons plan to clean up mistakes from 2017.
  • Being frustrated when it was hard to gain yardage, or even a single yard.
  • The difference in play-calling between Kyle Shanahan and Steve Sarkisian.
  • Sanu's otherworldy passing numbers.
  • Adding Greg Knapp to the coaching staff.