Schlenk: Not putting 'Steph Curry' expectations on Trae Young

Wendy Adams
June 22, 2018 - 9:55 am

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Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk joined John and Hugh Friday, one day after the NBA draft to talk about his new draft class.

In a move that seemingly surprised most Hawks fans, the team decided to trade away their No. 3 pick Luka Doncic to the Dallas Mavericks for guard Trae Young and a future first-round pick.

“Those two guys were the two guys we had highest on our board," said Schlenk. "They stood head and shoulders above everyone else. For where we are, we’re in the asset collection mode. When the deal came along where we could pick up a first-round pick from the Mavericks, which has some pretty low protection on it, that’s a pretty valuable asset. To add a player to the caliber of Trae and potentially another lottery pick, we felt great about it.”

When it came time for the Hawks to be on the clock, their top two guys were sitting there on their board. Was there a divide in the room? Schlenk compared it to arguing over a milkshake.

“Any time you’re going through a process like this, you’re going to have debate but we were comfortable with both guys," said the Hawks GM. "It was like arguing over a vanilla milkshake or a chocolate milkshake, where you’re going to like the milkshake. It was a good spot to be in where we knew we were going to get a good player that we liked either way.“

With Trae Young joining the roster, the Hawks now have two point guards; the other being Dennis Schroder. So which guy will be the starter come the start of the season?

”Dennis would come into this as our starter right now," said Schlenk. "But when you look at the league now, you see teams putting their best players on the floor. I definitely think these two guys can play together, and I’m sure we’ll see both of them on the court together this season.”

One thing that has impressed John from last night, was Young’s personality, saying all the right things. The other comparison John saw from social media reactions, was the comparison of two of the Hawks picks, Trae Young and Kevin Huerter, to the Golden State Warriors.

“To say that [Trae] is going to be a two-time MVP, we never want to put that kind of pressures on the kid," said Schlenk. "We didn’t draft these guys saying ‘hey this guy is going to be Steph, this guy’s going to be Klay’ but when you talk about their skill sets, there’s no question the skill sets that those have are skill sets that we value, and we’re going to continue to look for.“

Travis Schlenk talks 2018 Draft Class

Travis Schlenk talks 2018 Draft Class