Schlenk: Options for Hawks to move back in NBA Draft

Wendy Adams
June 05, 2018 - 9:15 am



Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk joined John and Hugh on Tuesday to talk about the NBA Finals and whether he thinks the series is already over after Game 2.

Schlenk said the Cleveland Cavaliers had their best chance at making this series after the J.R. Smith gaffe in Game 1.

“Anytime you’re playing a team with the talent level of the Warriors, and you let a game get away like [the Cavs] did in Game 1, that can be a huge mental block to overcome,” said Schlenk.

It was obvious Cleveland couldn’t get past that lost by their reaction and play the following game.

LeBron James is doing everything he can but can’t seem to find the support he needs to lift his team to a win.

“[He’s] playing at an unbelievable level but you can start to see the frustration on his face a little bit," said the Hawks GM. "He’s just begging someone to come along for the ride with him.”

Schlenk notes the Cavaliers going back to their home base for Game 3 which should provide a little bit of a boost. However, Golden State will look to take at least one game on the road instead of coming home tied at 2-2.

“[LeBron] is not going to be able to beat the Warriors by himself," said Schlenk. "Anytime you’re asking a player to go out and get 50 to give your team a chance to win, that’s a big burden for any player to carry.”

The Hawks GM also talked about the team's preparation for the upcoming draft. He, and his staff, are confident they know who the Phoenix Suns will select at No. 1. However, Sacramento remains a wild card on what they will do with their selection.

“We’re down to three or four guys with the third pick," said Schlenk. "There’s going to be some options for us to maybe slide back a couple spots. We’re going through the process of trying to evaluate what it would take in a package from another team for us to do that; what the group of pool players that might be available there to see if any of those scenarios would be attractive to us.”